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"I took my car to the approved dealer to fix a small issue with one of the exhaust sensors, whilst fixing it, they damaged the engine mounting, (which they deny). But ever since they fixed the problem my car made a strange sound when I accelerated, they told me it was just the part that they had fixed bedding in. I was not happy with this explanation, so I took my car to Paul’s Garside Garage, where he took one look at it and said your engine mounting has sheared, (he could just tell by looking at the engine for about 2 mins), to cause this the car must have been jacked up by using the engine block sump as the jacking point. I got Paul to fix it, once the part came. I then went back to the dealer, they denied that they had done that to my car when fixing the exhaust, but when I said they had scratched the sump in doing so they accused me of doing this myself, or the other garage did it when they did the work. When I asked how much they would charge me to replace the engine mounting, I nearly fell over it was £5 short of double what Paul had charged me.


I have no hesitation in recommending everyone to use Paul’s Garside Garage. You get excellent honest work done at reasonable prices, and he even collects the car from your home or work and returns it when the work is done, just FANTASTIC." - Duncan Meachin

"I met Paul through our business group and heard some great reviews of his business from other members.
I used Paul and the staff at Garside Garage to carry out my car service and could not fault their work in any way.
As I need my vehicle on the road as much as possible through the week it was a great relief when Paul said that he could complete the work on a Saturday.
We initially had one date in the diary and I had to re-arrange due to work commitments and to receive a call from a garage to tell you that they have a slot available if convenient is definitely a first for me. Paul provided a collection/delivery service so I wasn’t inconvenienced and the car was back on my drive in about 4 hours.
Exceptional service and realistic prices, no hidden extras and no hidden costs on the final invoice as I received a copy of the receipt for the parts they had used. Will be passing the details of Garside Garage on to friends/family.

Thanks again Paul." - Robert Howell (ParcelFast)

"I would recommend Garside Garage to anyone! Honest value for money and reliable. Bought 2 run arounds off him which have both been brilliant buys. Thanks Paul." - Gill Ridings

"Paul's done my yearly service, fab service at great reasonable prices." - Tara Shaw

"Paul at Garside Garage has looked after my vans and kept me on the road for a few years now. They collect and return for MOT's which is a life saver." - John Bakewell

"We've been using Paul for a couple of months now. He collects, sorts out all manner of issues with vehicles and then brings them back. This garage and the service it provides is worth it's weight in gold. Highly recommend." - Gill and Eric Arnott - CT Business Solutions

"I was recommended to visit Garside Garage by a work colleague and he gave me Paul's number as I had to get my car MOTd. I called Paul and went to see him and they took me home whilst the MOT took place and returned my car afterwards and even topped it up with Diesel. What 5 star service. He really does run a great place and I was overjoyed with the prices and service compared to many local and national car repair/mot companies. If your car needs some repair, a checkup or an MOT give Paul a call first. Thanks." - Tom L

"Paul serviced the company Smart Car last week and did a great job. I was going away for a couple of days but he picked it up from my house and returned it, parking it as requested upon it's return. Communication throughout was great and I'd highly recommend Paul's services. Great job at a great price." - Kathryn B